11-1-17: World Series, Cleveland Browns, Notre Dame, Buffalo Bills

So the Cleveland Browns screwed up a procedure and therefore failed to complete a trade for Cincinnati Bengals QB A.J. McCarron. Remember when we were all in awe of how the front office was operating under this regime? Only to see the Browns amass many draft picks and still fail to draft anyone of consequence?

To be honest, Myles Garrett has been injured, but looking back I’m sure they wish they had Deshaun Watson. Hell, even Patrick Mahomes at this point. Putting all their eggs in DeShone Kizer’s basket is not going to get Hue Jackson another year, I fear. And now Kizer knows you were looking to ‘better-deal’ him. Your college ex-girlfriend wouldn’t stand for that crap, so why should he?

Game 6 of the 2017 World Series didn’t disappoint, as this game much more closely resembled playoff baseball than that run-fest in Game 5. You have the teams with the most wins in each league facing off in a winner-take-all Game 7, in Los Angeles thanks to Rob Manfred reversing the 2nd worst thing in Bud Selig’s tenure. Kershaw vs. Keuchel. If that doesn’t get the juices flowing, I don’t know what will.

Game 7 of the world series reminds of the 1991 series between the Twins and the Braves. Most people will remember that game for Jack Morris going 10 innings and putting up nothing but goose eggs. And perhaps they should.

But don’t forget: it was Gene Larkin vs. Alejandro Pena at the end.

Who will supply the drama tonight? I simply cannot wait.

Notre Dame with National Title aspirations? Resurrect the ghost of Ricky Watters!

The Buffalo Bills acquire Carolina Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin for a couple of draft picks they probably would have used on underwhelming WR’s anyways, so it’s a wash. Stay away from the wings, Kelvin.


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