2017 NFL Draft Team Needs

So we are being inundated with NFL Draft talk, and rightfully so. It really is an exciting time for NFL fans and something that other sports simply don’t duplicate. The NBA comes close, but in recent years you hardly know any of the players after the top 10 and that hurts what I’ll call “fanability”. That is, the ability of the general fan base to be energized by an event- whether it’s the draft, the regular season, playoffs, or all-star exhibitions. (THAT’S a subject for a later piece)

So everyone’s got an opinion on who teams are going to draft. I used my subscription at Pro Football Focus to rank each team at each position based on last year’s production. The knock on analytics is that it is not necessary a predictor of future results. That’s fair. However, players have shown us what they can and can’t do and PFF method of rating that is, simply, whether or not the player did his job on each play.

I’ll never claim anything I put on here is the bible on anything, but rather a tool to discuss. The tables below show you the results of my completely arbitrary ranking system. The nuts and bolts don’t matter, just know that the higher the number, the worse that team ranked in performance at the position at PFF. After coming up with that number, I then compared that rank with the rest of the league and shaded the cells from red-to-yellow-to-green to show areas that need drastic attention (deep red) to areas that performed quite well (bright green). In some instances, a position may show up as needing attention but the real issue was production lost to injuries. So, yeah, some critical thinking is needed here.

Click here: 2017 Draft Needs, and then let me know what you think.



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