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On this episode of The Walking Dead, the Chicago Bulls trade for Houston Rockets F Carmelo Anthony, who will never play a game for them as they look to trade him for players they actually want.

Kansas City Chiefs LB Dee Ford is taking the blame for their loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, according to Adam Teicher over at Sure, his penalty nullified what would have been a game-clinching interception by Charvarius Ward with less than a minute on the clock, but it’s never one play is it? Unless, of course, it’s a missed pass interference call.

Today’s the day we see if the baseball world forgives Barry Bonds’ neck and Roger Clemens’ dick personality for their steroid woes. Don’t @ me.

Golden State Warriors G Klay Thompson hits his first 10 3’s against the Lakers in Staples last night. It was going to be bad for the Lakers anyway without LeBron or Lonzo, since they’re just lousy without one, let alone both. This just adds to the desperation for a Lakers team no one expected anything out of but still should be a playoff team. They’re now on the outside looking in and are 2 games above .500. LeBron is going to have the most important groin area since Stormy Daniels.

College Basketball has a problem, and it’s one-and-done players. Sure, if they have the opportunity to make millions with an absurd NBA contract they should be able to. But that doesn’t mean exercising that right isn’t killing the game. Sure the tournament is still the tournament and there will be plenty of excitement and drama come march, but with most of the college ranks’ best players only hanging around long enough to show up in the background of a Girls Gone Wild video, the game as a whole suffers. Rivalries suffer. Program building suffers, as recruiting turns into a revolving door. Sure, I still watch. But I’d love to have Zion Williamson playing for 3 years in the ACC.

How do you know you’ve hit rock bottom? When you get arrested for a DWI because you fell asleep in a Whataburger Drive-Thru lane. And then on top of it, you resist arrest. At least, that’s what I hear, eh Darren McFadden?

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