Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson Wants Out, As He Should

Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson has asked the club to deal him by the end of the month. These days, players making demands like this are nothing new, but it is a clear departure from “old school” thought where the playeris viewed as nothing more than employee. I like to consider myself a Renaissance Man of sorts, or as the kids call it: “woke”.

But as you try to decide how angry you want to be about a situation that doesn’t affect you in the least way possible, let’s think about the current sitch in Arizona.

First year head coach Steve Wilks has his work cut out for him as he tries to rebuild an offense that lost one of the franchise’s better QB’s in Carson Palmer. Drafting Josh Rosen was a positive first step, if we’re taking another picking a young gun and sticking with him from the get-go. That is, if you like the face of your franchise (all QB’s are the face of their franchises whether you want to accept it or not) with a bruised ego because he didn’t get drafted as high as he thought he ought to. Then there was this tweet from Greg Gabriel:

Ouch. Now Gabriel’s hardly someone to go following blindly into battle, but the observation was put out there. If he has indeed heard that, chances are good that more than one person agrees and some of those people might actually be employed by the Cardinals. Of course, that’s pure speculation but I believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

So you got the possibility of a primadonna QB that usually shoots a locker room.

Secondly, you have a one win team that has already fired their offensive coordinator before the halfway mark of the new head coach’s first season. Regardless of what they do on defense, the offense is almost guaranteed to lag behind, even if new OC Byron Leftwich remembers the rumors about some guy named David Johnson.

Thirdly, Peterson is 28 years old and it’s only a matter of time before Father Time starts to kick his ass. No one escapes that mutha.

So yes, Pat Pete, get the hell outta dodge while you still have your knees. KenWhisenhunt ain’t walking through that door

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