Chicago Bears Hiring Matt Nagy Feels Right, But We’ve Been Here Before

The Chicago Bears are making moves everyone loves. As I look at my weather app, it may indeed be that hell has frozen over.

Hiring Chiefs OC Matt Nagy to be the next in a long line of people trying to resurrect the magic of Halas and Ditka brought a shot of energy to the community commonly known as “long-suffering Bears fans”. However, we’ve been down this optimistic road before. ThisĀ does feel different, but don’t forget:

  • GM Jerry Angelo had a knack for biffing in the draft. No matter how many free agents he signed that actually worked well, his lack of draft picks with sticking power later in his tenure ultimately spelled his demise. So the Bears went in the opposite direction and hired a scout to be their GM: Phil Emery. I don’t think I need to write anymore on this
  • Head coach Dick Jauron took the helm and moved the Bears into playoff contention. However, his allegiance to his staff (namely beleaguered OC John Shoop) spelled his demise. At the time of Jauron’s firing, the “Tampa-2” was all the rage so the Bears jumped on the train and hired Buccaneers DC Lovie Smith. Lovie’s defenses took center stage, which is what us Bears fans like, and you have to give the guy credit: the Bears won the NFC with Rex Grossman as QB. However, in the end, it was the offensive ineptitude that drew the ire of fans, and Smith was shown the door.
  • Marc Trestman was thought to be the next great QB whisperer who would be able to coax the best out of wildly inconsistent QB Jay Cutler. Ultimately, the losses on and off the field piled up and it was clear he was not cut out to be the head of an NFL franchise. He was part of a quagmire of disappointing developments: Emery in general, DC coordinator Mel Tucker underwhelming in every aspect, and Trestman’s inability to effectively handle the gauntlet that is coaching Cutler.
  • John Fox was unceremoniously dismissed from the Denver Broncos after getting thumped in the Super Bowl by the Seattle Seahawks. A veteran, conference-winning head coach suddenly becoming available after the Trestman-disaster immediately caught the Bears’ attention. Fox spent three years working GM Ryan Pace to rebuild the roster as well as the culture. Ultimately though, it was clear Fox and friends were not the ones to groom QB Mitchell Trubisky.

So here we are. Welcome to the family, Coach Nagy. The staff he has managed to put together, along with keeping DC Vic Fangio, sure seems like the Bears have finally got their priorities in line.

But we’ve been here before.

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