College Football Playoff National Championship Thoughts

Oh my god Alabama blah blah blah.

Holy Christ Nick Saban blah blah blah.

Yeah, the College Football Playoff National Championship was a heckuva game. Some thoughts:

  • for all the adjusting Saban and Alabama did, the opposite can be said for Georgia and Kirby Smart. Once the 2nd half kicked off and ‘Bama had a new QB, Georgia was adrift.
  • Georgia QB Jake Fromm set a decent baseline for his future worth. For all the nice throws and plays he made, there were a good amount of misfires which I assume one can expect from a “True Freshman”, but he has to improve before I get too excited for the 2020 Draft.
  • Sony Michel, you’re table is ready.
  • Saban now finds himself with a nice problem of too many QB’s like Ohio State’s Urban Meyer found himself with a few years ago. Hard to go against Tua Tagovailoa being the guy, I just don’t think anyone’s looking forward to typing that name over and over again until he can be drafted. Credit should be given to Jalen Hurts and how he handled himself after the game.
  • Anyone have a count on how many times the phrase “True Freshman” was uttered last night? It has to be in the neighborhood of 2,535,231.
  • What the hell was Mekhi Brown thinking? And I gotta say, I was just as surprised that he was allowed back in the game as I was to watch all that. I mean, going after a coach? He should have been escorted to the parking lot.
  • The good news for Georgia fans is that scanning their roster quick, I don’t see a whole lot of seniors. Sure, they lose two good RB’s, but D’andre Swift looked like he could mitigate that loss.
  • Anyone who keeps saying the playoff is a bad idea can shut the hell up for the love of god.
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