Dallas Cowboys Giving Up A First Round Pick For WR Amari Cooper Ratchets Up Pressure On Garrett

So yeah, by now you know the Cowboys ponied up a first round pick for former Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper and I’m just mystified.

Not that Cooper doesn’t possess any talent. And not that anything the Raiders have done personnel-wise has made any kind of sense, but doesn’t it seem absolutely ludicrous to offer up a first-round pick for someone who has caught 22 balls in 6 games while playing on the 10th ranked passing offense? A player who is currently in the league’s concussion protocol?

It’s not that the Cowboys couldn’t use someone to stretch the defense. Cooper comes in averaging about 2 yards more per touch than the Cowboys current target leader, Cole Beasely, but I’m more than skeptical that adding a wideout will impact the Cowboys offense. Lest we forget, they used to have a pretty prolific “X” receiver named Dez Bryant that they unceremoniously showed the door to in the offseason.

In fact, looking at the 2017 numbers shows us that Bryant did indeed lead the team in targets and ended up averaging less yards per touch than Cooper is now, and Cooper only has a 23 touch sample to go off of. The Raiders are also 9th in the league in pass attempts and their offense is anything but balanced. Sure Carr’s efficiency might be worse than Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s, but Cooper has been disappearing off stat sheets the last couple of seasons like he’s scantily clad magician’s assistant.

This desperate grasp at this last straw should sound alarms around Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. Whether or not Cooper is the guy to expand the offense, Garrett needs to find a way to make him the guy because the price Owner/GM/King of All Texas Football Jerry Jones just paid is a steep one.

As of this writing, the Cowboys would hold the 13th overall pick. Looking over the Dallas Cowboys roster, can you look me in the eye and tell me they can’t use that pick going forward? There isn’t a CB, S, or DL talent that would be worthy taking at that spot in the draft?

Indeed, by making this move they are putting off developing through the draft and will, by nature, have to resort to free agency which will definitely be more expensive. Of course, they could decide to sell off players for picks, but that isn’t a guarantee.

No, the performance of the Cowboys offense going forward is going to make or break Jason Garrett’s future in Jerry’s World.

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