Eagles vs Panthers Running Diary

1st qtr

13:03- Killer lost fumble by Carson Wentz. Didn’t see Peppers coming around behind him. Panthers were reeling defensively.

12:23- Big pass deflection by Eagles LB Nigel Bradham. Panthers go 3-and-out and are unable to steal momentum. Defense didn’t get a chance to finish their cups of Gatorade.

11:24- Jim Nantz just took a shot at Tony Romo when talking about Nelson Agholor celebrating a TD by flopping on his back. Romo said it looks like it hurts and Nantz replied: “Especially you with your back issues” (paraphrase)

10:00-ish- 2nd sack from around RT. This time on a corner blitz. Stay tuned…

9:00- 14 yard gain for LeGarrette Blount. I feel “rolling with Blount” should have caught on more.

7:02- Wentz air mails a throw on 3rd and long. FG. 3-0 Eagles.

5:00- Pass interference gives Panthers a 1st down in Eagles territory. Methodical so far.

2:35- Great job by Cam picking up the blitz, changing the play and getting rid of the ball. 3rd and 2. Which promptly sees Stewart stuffed. FG. 3-3.

1:46- Panthers LB Shaq Thompson blitzes from….wait for it…around RT and hits Wentz as he throws incomplete.

1:02- Panthers LB Like Kuechly blitzes from around RT to force a quick overthrow on 3rd and 4. Punt.

:43- After a penalty on the first punt, the redo is fumbled by McCaffery. He recovers it but oof.

:35- Stewart tackled for a 6 yard loss. Cam is going to have win this one I think.

2nd Qtr

This: https://twitter.com/josephperson/status/918643880899248128

14:28- ah, the 2 yard crossing pattern on 3rd and 4. Always a fan fave. Panthers punt. Eagles muff. But recover.

13:24- Wentz throws high and slightly behind on a slant for the 3rd time I remember.

13:21- Panthers LB Thomas Davis comes from…you guessed it…around RT to sack Wentz and force a punt. McCaffery returns it nicely into Eagles territory.

10:34- Cam runs 16 yards for a TD on what looked like a read option to left. 10-3 Panthers.

7:57- This time the pressure comes from the left side on 3rd down to force an incompletion. Punt. Wentz taking some hits.

6:26- Cam’s arm gets hit as he throws on an absolute incredible job by DT Fletcher Cox, ball pops high in the air and is picked. Eagles take over on the Panthers 13.

5:36- both lines on both sides are going at it this game.

5:00- 3rd down- Blount just tried to go Nagurski and carry 206 defenders for a 1st down. 1/2 yard short. Wentz sneaks for a 1st. Kuechly running to the locker room after. That’d be HUUUUUGE.

3:05- 2nd and goal from the 1, Wentz fakes the handoff, rolls right, nothing open and runs straight into a brick wall. No slide. No chill. Zero fucks given. Keep playing like that, and we’ll be talking about what might have been…

2:32- Wentz hits Ertz along the back of the end zone for a TD. Tie game. Took 7 plays to go 13 yards. That pick is monumental right now.

Christian McCaffery intrigues me. I feel like the Bears should watch how Carolina uses him and mimic it with Tarik Cohen. Different players, to be sure, but Cohen has flashed elusiveness, like McCaffery.

:49- big toe-tapping catch by WR Funchess on 3rd and 4 to keep it going. Carolina gets the ball back after the half, so any points here are big.

:41- 3 Eagles, including grown-ass-man Cox swallow Cam up near mid-field. Panthers use last time out.

:30- Cam scrambles and can’t get out of bounds. Not a whole lot of urgency. Cam drops back on next play, no one’s open, and he throws it out of bounds.

:00- Cam lines up late in the play clock and fires a laser into a defender’s arm. Receiver wasn’t even looking for it. Odd. 10-10 at the half.

The defenses are absolutely beating the snot out of each other. The Panthers want to run, and they can’t. Cam is going to have to be better in the second half.

The Eagles need to sustain a decent length drive and score a TD to out the Panthers on the ropes.

3rd qtr

14:07- Cam throws screen to RB Jonathan Stewart who lets the ball go right through his hands and is intercepted DEEP in Panthers territory. That was absolutely unforgivable by Stewart. Seriously, cut him and clean out his locker while he’s on the field.

13:59- Wentz to a leaping Ertz for a 17 yard TD. After a penalty on CAR on the PAT, Eagles coach Doug Pedersen goes for two and Blount barrels in. 18-10 Eagles. Panthers playing without Kuechly who took a shot to the neck in the first half. Panthers need to make a statement on the next drive.

What a ballsy move.

13:48- another drop for CAR. This time by Kelvin Benjamin.

13:36- Newton gets bailed out by a PI call on a bad throw into double-coverage.

11:19- Drive stalls out and Gano kicks a FG that was nearly blocked. Eagles are playing balls out. I think that’s how you say it. No? 18-13 Eagles.

8:03- Eagles FG. Panthers defense seems to missing some resolve sans Kuechly, who apparently has a concussion. I don’t see how he doesn’t have a concussion, it’s a minor miracle his head is still attached. 21-13 Eagles.

7:40- Stewart to this point has -9 yards on 6 carries. Jesus.

7:10- ooooh look- a 3 yard gain for Stewart!

6:26- Panthers punt. No flow at all.

6:12- Eagles punt. 24 seconds.

3:28- Gano kicks another FG. 21-16 Eagles.

2:27- Peppers comes from around RT and misses Wentz, who scrambles for 7, but there’s a hold.

1:00- Captain Munnerlyn comes around RT but hesitates for some reason, Wentz steps up and converts 3rd and long. Next play, an absolutely beautiful ball to Alshon Jeffery for 37.

This may be the Panthers last stand. The Eagles clealry have momentum despite their quick 3 and out the last time they had the ball.

4th qtr

14:55 Wentz 24 yard catch and run by Nelson Agholor in the space vacated by blitzing backers. Wide-the-eff-open. Backbreaker IMO. 28-16 Eagles.

8:07- Cam seems dinged after scrambling a helluva an athletic play to break the plane. They call him down at the 1, Rivera challenges. He absolutely scored. They don’t overturn it which is completely wrong. CAR gets charged for their 1st time out. Refs seem to stink more than usual this year.

8:04- Cam comes right back and hits McCaffrey for a TD. 28-23 Eagles. This next Eagles possession will most likely decide the game.

6:00- Wentz is incomplete over the head of Jeffrey. Punt.

5:49- Cam and company have plenty of time to take care of business.

4:47- Kelvin Benjamin exits. Out route to Funchess nearly picked, but completed.

4:27- 2nd and 1- deep ball to Funchess incomplete over his head. Defensive holding breathes life.

4:23- Benjamin back.

4:15- 2nd and 10- Cam sacked by 4 man rush. Loses 7.

3:33- Cam to McCaffrey for 16. 4th and short upcoming.

Timeout Carolina. This is the damn ballgame right here. Can’t screw this up.

3:29- quick pass to McCaffrey for the first down.

3:23- Douglass just missed a pick for the Eagles. That’s going to hurt when they watch the film. Hit him right in the hands.

3:07- Cam is pressured throws an awful interception. I’m assuming there was some miscommunication but there is no excuse for that. That throw wasn’t even in the same area code as a Panthers receivers.

2:37- 3rd and 7. Panthers have a chance. It’s incomplete and the Panthers will get one more chance with nothing but the 2 minute warning from their 31.

1:53- Cam has a bad incompletion. No one around nearly picked. CANNOT.DO.THAT.

1:16- 4th and 1- Cam skips a throw down the middle to McCaffrey. Incomplete. That’s the ballgame.

I’m a believer in the Eagles. I have serious questions about the Panthers offense.

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