God, I Hate The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers

I hate Aaron Rodgers.

As a Bears, it comes with the territory but there’s something special about Mr. Rodgers that makes me hate him even more: that last goddam play Sunday to set up the game winning field goal.

Stories coming out of the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys say that the big play- you know, the one with TE Jared Cook dragging his toes along the sideline to set up the kick- wasn’t an actual ‘play’, but rather was the result of Rodgers just telling guys what to do (if you believe something like that).

Eff off.

After years of watching my Bears stumble and bungle their way around addressing the quarterback position, only to have the best guy be Jay Cutler; to sit and watch a franchise I detest like the Green Bay Packers and their two quarterbacks since Don Majkowski win a game like that on a play like that that apparently wasn’t a play just makes my blood boil.

And Cutler still hasn’t advanced as far as Rex Grossman. Rex Goddam Grossman.

Of course Rodgers is one of the best three quarterbacks to play in this century. OF COURSE him and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady are 1a.) and 1b.) this season. (Not taking anything away from the season Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan had) It just doesn’t matter when compiled with my own team’s futility. And for the record, about 60-70% of the league is as bad or worse than the Bears when it comes to long term building.

Sure, some teams catch lightning in a bottle and enjoy some moderate success. Remember when the Indianapolis Colts were a deflated football away from the Super Bowl? Only to have their coach on the hot seat after 2015 when some guy named Andrew-Effing-Luck was hurt for most of it? Who still chased Jon Gruden after 2016?

Remember the Atlanta Falcons struggling last season for a variety of reasons? Sure, they were lights out this season. What happens when OC Kyle Shanahan leaves for a head coaching gig?

I could go on and on and no one has done it better than the Packers, except the Patriots, over the years.

Tip your cap. Respect has certainly been earned. But I still hate you.

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