If I’m Dodgers Rich Hill, I Need Some Time Away From My Team

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Rich Hill was about as good as anyone can expect anyone to be on a Major League pitcher’s mound. His teammates let him down.

In a season where the Dodgers are poised to be the best team in baseball, they left a man behind in Pittsburgh.

Hill was perfect through eight innings Wednesday. In the bottom of the ninth, the perfect game went away thanks to an error by 3B Logan Forsythe. Then, in the bottom of the tenth, Pirates 2B Josh Harrison ended everything: the no-hitter, the shutout, and the game with a solo, walk-off shot.

The Dodgers managed to tally 8 hits without pushing across a single run in nine innings of play. Thanks a lot, guys.

As hard as it is to hit a baseball at the Major League level, it’s even harder to pitch that well for that long. For the Dodgers to be this good and not be able to score 1 run in support, while going 0-for9 with runners in scoring position and leaving a small village on base, is an incredible amount of accidental BS.

In the end, if the Dodgers win the World Series, none of this will matter much- except to Rich Hill who will probably never admit it.

Baseball is the perfect combination of individual responsibility to the overall goal of the group. Each man has his job to do singularly so that he and his teammates can ultimately claim victory. On Wednesday, Rich Hill did his part.

No one else showed up.

If it was me, I’d need a weekend away to process everything and move on. But that’s probably why I’m sitting at home writing this.

Well, one of the reasons anyway.

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