If Loving Trubisky Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right

Here are some random thoughts from last night’s Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if goes astray.

Last night the Bears entered the brave new world of the Mitchell Trubisky era. It wasn’t perfect and the result was nothing new, but getting to that result was something Bears fans haven’t experienced in a while: hopeful.

From the first bullet he fired to WR Kendall Wright, which Wright clearly wasn’t prepared for as he bobbled it before securing it, the NFL was put on notice that this was not  your father’s Bears QB.

Thank. God.

But for all the promise the youngster possesses, head coach John Fox and company did nothing to assuage believers that nothing short of roster revolution must take place this offseason. Sure, you had good performances by RB Jordan Howard, DL Akiem Hicks, CB Kyle Fuller and S Eddie Jackson, but you also had absolutely mind-numbing plays like getting nailed for a delay of game after a timeout. I’m glad Trubisky had a week and a half to prepare for this game, but one would think the coach would have used that time to prepare as well.

Apparently not. And his players were right there with him.

Shortly after I tweeted this:

Wheaton goes and holds a defensive lineman to call back a long TD run by Howard. Insert “at least he held on to something” joke here. Then you had LT Charles Leno, Jr. getting the equivalent of an atomic wedgie by Vikings DE Everson Griffen on the way to knocking the ball out of Trubisky’s hand and the Vikings recovering in the red zone. Sure, the comparisons to Jay Cutler’s propensity for strip-sack-fumbles came to mind, but there’s only so much any QB can do when they have literally 1.5 seconds to pass. And to Trubisky’s credit, he was winding up to get rid of it when he was hit.

Then you had a tipped ball TD pass by Trubisky which was important not only because it was his first career passing score, but because how many times have Bears QB’s not been able to get a single break? Let alone one that happened in the end zone on a ball that shouldn’t have been thrown? At the end of the day, if the only think Mitchell does is break that curse, it’s worth it.

That three-man-weave 2-point conversion? Pure beauty. Imagine if the Bears were only that creative with their everyday offense.

The Bears must miss Matt Forte because they were in 22-personnel all day. A lot of times, 3 TE’s. How much are you going to do with that many big pass catchers? The Bears need to fix this soon if Trubisky is going to have any success.

Then, with a little over 2 minutes left and the Bears in need of a game-winning drive, Trubisky tries to do too much again, throws back across his body and promptly gets picked by S Harrison Smith. The Vikings score. Game. Set. Match.

An uneven night, to be sure. However, the Bears are now must-see TV. Something they haven’t been since Lovie Smith was sent packing.

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