Incidental Content: 3-2-17

The NFL Combine is in full effect, and men everyone will start talking about things like ‘hand size’ again. Doesn’t everyone?

How good was Saints rookie WR Michael Thomas last year? Good enough to make Brandin Cooks trade bait.

ESPN is reporting the Saints are working with the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles on a deal. This is interesting because we know how much the Saints loathe a running game, so you would think Cooks, Thomas, and Willie Snead would give a pass-happy team a trio they can work with.

Apparently that third spot in the trio is fillable by anyone.

The Saints do need to start thinking about life after Drew Brees, so if N’awlins does end up moving up in the draft, it’ll be curious to see what they do with a top 5 pick.

The New York Jets will release WR Brandon Marshall as per his request, ESPN is also reporting. The man who has worn out his welcome at every stadium he has called home will try to eek out another season after playing the free agent scene.

I’m not saying this can or will or even might happen, but what better place for him to play out his sunset years than in silver and black?

Then he can be an ass, and everyone will just shrug and say “Hey- he’s a Raider!”

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is also heading to free agency. BFD. The bigger news is that apparently he will stand for the National Anthem next season.

So ‘under contract’ Kaepernick stands up for justice while ‘free agent with no guarantee of a paycheck’ Kaepernick dances the dance? Color me not surprised.

I could really care less what he does, but when he made this stance he said it was because he didn’t feel the lryics of the anthem matched up with the actual values of the country. Agree or disagree, none of that could have possibly changed in the four months since that statement was made. If you’re going to make the stand, make the stand. Doing it only when it is convenient for you is just lazy.

Golden State Warriors 87 Chicago Bulls 94: If this is what we have to look forward to as far as what the Warriors are sans Kevin Durant, it might be a wild four weeks.

Durant went down with an injury a couple nights ago, obviously, and maybe everyone’s fear about being able to replace him has some weight. Klay and Steph combing for 3-for-22 from long range, bordering on Costanza-level ‘chucking’.

Giving up 32 points in the third quarter doesn’t help anyone, either.

Charlotte Hornets 103 Phoenix Suns 120: Six players in double-figures for the Suns as the home team prevails. 30 assists makes this wanna-be point guard smile.

Kemba Walker leads the Hornets with 26 points and 8 assists, but shot 10-for-24 getting there. Interesting to me is the shot distribuition:

Walker: 24

Nicholas Batum: 15

Frank Kaminsky: 14

Everyone else: 36

There’s got to be a better way to do it.

Iowa 59 #22 Wisconsin 57: YUGE 3 by Jordan Bohannon with 9 seconds left wins the game for the Hawkeyes following two EQUALLY YUGE missed free throws by Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ.

The Badgers, who had committed consecutive turnovers in the closing minutes, then inbounded the ball to senior Bronson Koenig who promptly dribbled up and put up a mediocre shot from just inside the top of the three-point circle with a full 4.7 seconds left.

It’s March, people. Now is not the time to be acting like you don’t know what you’re doing.



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