Incidental Content: NBA All-Star Skills Edition

Last night, the NBA got us primed for the All-Star Game by showing off some of its atheltes’ individual skills. Instead of trying to break down what happened and try to pull some insight out what was displayed, here’s a list of my Random Access Mind’s thoughts reviewing the festivities:

-The Skills Competition ends with New York Knicks F Kristaps Porzingis hitting a three ahead of the Utah Jazz’s Gordon Hayward. Commentating was Reggie Miller and in his usual petty-toward-the-Knicks self, comments “This is the best thing to happen to New York since they traded Patrick Ewing to Seattle!”. Really, Reggie? Let it go.



-The Kevin Durant- Russell Westbrook ‘feud’ is approaching Mean Girls level of petty. I mean, that video that was yesterday of the two of them avoiding each other while Durant walked right by Westbrook, even though Westbrook was doing the whole “I’m-looking-out-the-side-of-my-eye-to-see-if-you’re-gonna-sneak-me” thing. I’m all for chips on people’s shoulders, but I haven’t seen such needless behavior since Junior High. At least, what I haven’t repressed.


-The Dunk Competition showed some flash, but for all the respect I give Glenn Robinson III for jumping over three people, Aaron Gordon trying too many times to get that whole drone thing to work was painful. Simpler is better. Three dunks, make the grading more detailed, and you only have one attempt to do it.

-You know what’s great about the Rising Stars Challenge? You get to see the young bucks run. You know what’s bad about the Rising Stars Challenge? The amount of time you say “Who?”. It’s a great device by the league to show people some of the young talent that maybe doesn’t get to be noticed on a regular basis. It makes me question my fandom when I don’t know everyone.


-The Three-Point Contest provided some drama with the Houston Rockets’ Eric Gordon downing Cleveland Cavaliers’ G Kyrie Irving. My favorite part was at the end of Gordon’s last rack, he looked disappointed. Tired, for sure, but disappointed he missed so many. Love that. I’ve always been a closet fan of Gordon’s, and thought he could be a big piece of the Pelicans’ future. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well, but I’m sure he has no regrets being a part of this year’s Rockets team.


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