Josh McDaniels Screws The Indianapolis Colts

Well this is some shit.

The Indianapolis Colts had their new head coach all picked out and hired. Even signed some assistants. Only to have their new leader back out later in the same day, leaving the Colts with their pants on the ground and a bunch of new assistants already under contract.

Bravo, Josh McDaniels.

Then there’s this:


Petty AF, as the kids say these days.

And there’s also this:

There are so many thoughts on this.

The Indianapolis Colts, after firing a head coach just 2 seasons removed from an AFC Championship Game, with a franchise QB that no one is really sure will ever play at a level that remotely resembles the player he was early in his career, wait until after the Super Bowl to be able to hire their guy while other viable candidates get hired elsewhere, only to have him pull a bag over their head and punch them in the gut?

And now, whoever they do hire, knows that he’s ‘their guy’ only out of desperation and has to work with a staff he didn’t hire. I just don’t see the candidates lining up around the block for this job. I mean, sure, it’s a head coaching gig in the NFL but it just feels wrong. It’s like taking home the hot girl at the end of the night and finding skid marks in her underwear. Throw in an unstable owner and the only real selling point on Indianapolis is: “Hey, you won’t have to travel far to attend the combine!”

My gut tells me that GM Chris Ballard will want to put this to bed early, so this may be a time for a guy like Kansas City Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub to get a shot. Ballard and Toub know each other from the Chiefs so the ‘getting to know you’ phase would be quick and they can get to work rebuilding that franchise.

Now about that Luck guy….

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