LeBron James To Warriors Rumors Create Drama In Franchise That Needs No Help

LeBron James is refuting reports that he would be willing to take a meeting with the Golden State Warriors. He was so serious, he waited a day so that everyone could see his sincerity, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. I personally don’t put any credence into the report until I see Savannah James’ Instagram.

But if the comment didn’t come from LeBron or his camp, where did it come from? Is there really that much subterfuge in the NBA that someone would just talk crap to create drama in a franchise that needs absolutely no help?

David Blatt, care to comment?

You know who likes this story the most? Kevin Love. Because as long as everyone is talking about LeBron’s off-season plans, no one is lining up to yell at him for leaving a game because he was sick. Or hating on him for missing 8 weeks with an injured hand. The NBA’s trading deadline is 6 days away, Kevin. Things will be different very soon, I have a feeling.

The bigger question people should ask when faced with the prospect of James going to Golden State is: why? Why on earth would he do that? He caught so much hell for the “Super Team” in Miami, why would he put himself and his legacy through that times 100,000,000,000,000,000,000? Anything they would win would undercut James’ reputation and historical standing. If you think Kevin Durant got roasted when he bolted OKC, the fire from the sports world at James’ relocation would be nothing short of epic.

There simply is no reason why he would do it.

That’s not to say he’s going to stay in Cleveland forever and ever, Amen, but he’s not going to be Durant 2.0. So relax, Cavs fans. Kinda. Maybe.

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