NBA Opening Night Thoughts

Damn, Gordon Hayward.

I am really trying to figure out how the Celtics go forward from here. Hayward’s career 17.7 PER is not something to just say “next man up” to. Do the Celtics slide 2nd year man Jaylen Brown in? He put up 25 points in the opening loss after the Celtics looked absolutely adrift in the first half last night following the injury to Hayward. You also have rookie Jayson Tatum who suddenly has to mature in a hurry. It’s far too early to stick a fork in any team, but there are some significant questions that need to be answered by Brown and Tatum.

5-for-16 isn’t going to get it done, Marcus Smart. I haven’t seen so many shots without a chance of hitting their target since the Civil War. It wasn’t just Smart, though. The Celtics couldn’t get hit the broad side of a barn with an elephant in the first half.

You think Dwayne Wade envisionedĀ 3-for-10 with 4 turnovers in his grand reunion with LeBron?

What does it say about the Cavs, who should have put this game away early, to come out so absolutely flat in the second half? The C’s are lost at halftime and you come out and give up 33 points in the 3rd quarter? I know no one defends like they used to, but sheesh.

Funny moment last night during the TNT halftime show of the Celtics-Cavs game. Ernie Johnson brings up the fact that they never talked about how much better Chris Paul makes the Houston Rockets. Charles Barkley just stared straight ahead with a blank look on his face for a second, and then says: “There’s a reason we didn’t talk about.” He then went on to say that Paul doesn’t make the Rockets able to beat the Golden State Warriors.

And then they go out and beat the Warriors.

Look, I know he was talking about the playoffs and he may be right, but it was a funny juxtaposition of events.

Yes, I just used ‘juxtaposition’ correctly.

How important is Draymond Green? Apparently pretty effin’ important. Couple the defensive deficiency with a paltry 20-point output in the 4th quarter and you have the makings for a disaster. The Warriors had the shot they wanted to win it and KD came up a tenth of a second short, but this game shouldn’t have been this close. Even if Swaggy P put up 23.

Speaking of Swaggy, his 23 points but -10 +/- is probably as perfect of a stat line as you can get for his career. 6-for-7 from behind the arc once again illustrates how that offense opens up the floor becauseĀ everyone can shoot from outside. There is no shortage of room for everyone to operate.

If only they could have executed in the 4th.

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