New York Mets Win Opening Day

The Mets are undefeated and as cheesy as that cliched joke is, it still feels good.

Why? It’s just one game, you may opine.

You’re right, but the Mets of 2016 and 2017 are something that needs to be purged from this Earth in some sort of purifying blaze. After going to places no one dated think they’d go in 2015, the expectations that come with a failed World Series appearance were worn with all the exuberance of Superman finding a nice, green necklace in that chest at Lex Luthor’s hideout. Injuries and what not derailed the last two seasons and finally pieces were auctioned off in an attempt to recoup Madoff-free cash.

But hey- Jay Bruce came back, the pride of Tom’s River, NJ Todd Frazier signed up, and a new skipper was hired. The face that Mickey Callaway is a former pitching coach is just too perfect for a team with 6-7 bonafide starters when healthy.

How fresh is this regime? Zack Wheeler is starting the year in Syracuse so he can work his suckage out. I really don’t think the Terry Collins era would have employed such tell-it-like-it-is strategies.

So they took the St. Louis Cardinals back behind the woodshed 9-4 behind Noah Syndergaard’s 10 K’s and some timely hitting from Yoenis Cespedes, Adrian Gonzalez, Ahmed Rosario and even Brandon freakin’ Nimmo.

No homers and still left 11 on base. That is the blueprint for this new Mets team, I’m thinking. The dingers will come, for sure, but getting on base and timely hitting seem to be the emphasis based on Callaway’s post-game presser.

One game, indeed. But it feels so good.

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