NFL: 2018 QB Impact Rating

Yeah, so I made up a stat. In this new age of analytics and the apparent ability of any entity to create a stat and try to thump away at its importance, I bring you my own: the QB Impact Rating.

I arrived at this number by taking into account the following statistics: GS, Completion %, TD%, INT %, Yards per Completion, Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt, 4th quarter combacks and Game-Winning Drives. These numbers were gleaned from

I simply summed the numbers, but with a twist: I subtracted the INT% from the TD% and then multiplied by 10 to give that aspect its proper weight. Is it perfect? Of course not. But simply used as a measure to compare players by, it showed some interesting things. Here’s how the shook out:

My takeaways:

-Drew Brees is, well, Drew Brees. I know we all understand how good he has been, but while every one was lapping up all the Mahomes-mania (and rightfully so), he once again was one of the top echelon.

-Russell Wilson being third surprised me. The grouping of Brees, Mahomes, and Wilson being separated by about 20 points really puts into perspective how good those three were last year.

-Matt Ryan in 4th also surprised me. The Falcons struggled last year, but it clearly wasn’t on the QB.

-Phil Rivers hanging in 5th. Seems Apropos.

-Goddam Aaron Rodgers (don’t forget, I’m a Bears fan) in the top 10 while not being able to run full speed all year. He didn’t turn the ball over, though.

-I feel like Tom Brady being 13th might lend credence to the trolls.

-Matthew Stafford being less than Eli was…something.

-Nick Foles managed to crack the top 25 with only 5 starts. Hmph.

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