On Greg Gabriel’s Wednesday Night On Twitter

There are some good things and some bad things about social media. It’s great that people all over can interact about just about anything. There is a price, and that is realizing that not everyone agrees with you.

Wednesday night former Chicago Bears scout and current media member Greg Gabriel tweeted about the newly developing Antonio Brown shit show. Basically he said that Brown’s latest display is why no one drafted him until the 6th round and that teams know what they’re doing.

For the record, he may be right about why Brown slipped in the draft. He’s dead wrong if he thinks any team worth their salt would gladly trade all the games since that draft to last Sunday for a chance to take him all over again.

Look up his stats and you’ll see what you probably already assumed if you follow pro football: the dude has produced like few ever have. If you think for one second that whatever may or may not have happened negates all that, you’re crazier than Gabriel.

Furthermore, if you think another team isn’t going to gladly welcome him and all his baggage for a shot at improving their passing offense then you clearly aren’t paying attention.

There is no denying his on-field talent, and I don’t believe Gabriel is trying to do that. You simply cannot say it was smart to pass on him because of what you’re hearing through the grapevine. That’s doubling down on the bullshit.

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