On the Houston Rockets Beating The Golden State Warriors

The Rockets went into Oracle and beat the Warriors in OT on a three-pointer by James Harden that is only a good shot because it went in.

No, I’m not hating. Harden pulled up for a three in the waning moments of OT with Draymond Green in his face and Klay Thompson to his side. If that shot misses, we’re talking about Harden’s decision-making in the clutch.

Instead, we’re talking about him as one of the all-time greatest offensive talents in the history of the game. But I digress…

Beating the Warriors at home and scoring 31 points going into halftime, and then putting up another 39 coming out of the break are nothing to sniff at, let alone coming back from a 20-point deficit. It’s hard for any opponent to defeat that, let alone a team that has one 3 of the last 4 titles.

Which leads me to this observation: does this game tell us more about the Warriors than it does about the Rockets? I mean, Draymond-vs-Durant aside, does this team elicit the same kind of confidence they have in the past?

I mean, they ARE only 15-10 against the Western Conference. They are 2-7 against the current 1-4 seeds in each conference. It is only January, but there are things to worry about if you’re the Warriors.

The Rockets are who we thought they were. They are 6-1 against the top seeds, and while they are playing without PG Chris Paul, it’s better they learn how to play without him now, so when he gets injured again in the playoffs, it doesn’t sink their entire season like it did last year.

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