Sunday Rant 1-7-18

Interesting couple of games yesterday in the NFL Playoffs. The Tennessee Titans, dead to the world after the mid-point in the season after being a tantalizing offseason pick to do something (anything) in the playoffs, come waaaayyy back and send the Kansas City Reid’s home. Is it time for a change in KC? I don’t know. Andy Reid is really an enigma. There’s no doubting he’s a good coach, time management memes aside, but just like some teams get in QB quicksand where they’re afraid to move on, some teams also end up in coaching quicksand.

The Cincinnati Bengals come to mind as another franchise paralyzed. The fear of the unknown keeps guys like Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis employed. Neither one has achieved championship success, but the risk that someone new might actually be worse keeps them from making a change. You could use the Chicago Bears as a cautionary tale against impulsive coaching changes. Lovie Smith took the Bears back to a Super Bowl, but after failing to return, it was decided that both he and GM Jerry Angelo had to go. Enter: GM Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman who would set the franchise back 5-7 years in their brief tenure.

Sure, the Chiefs losing is a disappointment and their late season swoon is something of concern. However, if you let Reid go you better be damn sure his replacement is capable of improving outcomes.

Can we stop saying the Atlanta Falcons are on some sort of redemption mission this playoffs? Of course choking that 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl will be talked about for a while, but them beating the Rams has nothing to do with that. If head coach Dan Quinn is still letting that game even be mentioned, he’s not doing his job.

They were the better team in Los Angeles, plain and simple. It was sad to see the Rams go, but the Falcons went out and won a gritty NFL Playoff game. Kudos.

LaVar Ball is at it again. This time, he’s saying that the Lakers don’t want to play for head coach Luke Walton. He can see it on his TV. At his resort. In Lithuania. Where his other two kids that he removed from this country to play pro ball in Lithuania are practicing.

Yeah, you’ll excuse me if I don’t trust his intuition.

The Raiders made the whole Jon Gruden coaching thing official. It’s just bizarre to me. Maybe he’ll come work wonders. Maybe he won’t. But if Jack Del Rio can get fired and this hire happen the way it did- in a blur- then I totally believe there’s a chance Bill Belichick is coaching the Giants next year.


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