The Amazing Mess

Yeah, I know it’s only April.

Yeah, I know the Mets are still sitting in a relatively good spot in the division even though it is still, you know, April.

But goddammit I hate nights like last night.

Last night, I missed the start of the Mets-Phillies from Citizens Bank Park due to you, know, dad-husband things like feeding my family. However, I left the house at about 7:40 PM ET to pick up my daughter from dance. I promptly tune the ole Sirius/XM radio to the game only to find out it’s 10-0 PHILLIES AFTER THE GODDAM FIRST BECAUSE STEVEN MATZ COULDN’T RECORD A GODDAM OUT AND GODDAM AHMED ROSARIO COMMITTED TWO ERRORS AND GODDAM JEFF MCNEIL ADDED ANOTHER!

What the actual fuck?

And like an abused spouse, I kept coming back for more. When Wilson Ramos started off the 2nd with a solo shot, I thought maybe there’s still a chance. Yeah, those feelings went away within an inning or two.

What made it worse? Yes, it was actually possible that there was a factor that made it worse: because I was listening on Sirius/XM I had to listen to the Phillies broadcast. You want to talk about hell on Earth? Listening to them chastise Mets fans they happened to ride in an elevator with because they were excited their team won an extra-inning game in a hostile environment the night before was truly an experience and further lends to my opinion that Philadelphia sports- all aspects of them- are trash.

Anywho- it IS only one game in the early part of the season. You don’t win anything in April, but to show up non-competitive in a division game is unacceptable. It’s unacceptable because even though there’s a new sherrif in town in GM Brodie Van Wagenen, this team still has some of the glaring holes that plagued it in years past. There is still no cohesion in the bullpen. There still is no quality, reliable back-end rotation help. There still is no bonafide leadoff hitter, although the team is scoring runs at a good clip.

The focus is on winning the series this afternoon as Zack Wheeler faces off against Jake Arrieta.


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