The Chicago Bears Jimmy Garoppolo Conundrum

The heat is on about the Chicago Bears possibly giving up a third overall pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for QB Jimmy Garoppolo. See this clip from ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike:


For Bears fans, this is a question we have been faced many times in our century-long search for a signal caller that doesn’t make us nauseous. Everyone thought the franchise had finally hit the nail on the head many moons ago when they acquired Jay Cutler, but what has proceeded has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride through hell with only an appearance in the NFC Championship Game to show for it.

So now as Cutty gets one more year north of 30, the question has been: “is it time for the Bears to move on?” To which, a sane person can only answer: “Jesus Christ, of course it is!” However the execution of that answer is the key, no? And that operation, my friends, is one that I have absolutely zero faith in the crack team at Halas Hall for.

To move on from Jay Cutler, as sweet as that feels to type it, means taking one of two roads. 1.) Draft a QB that can either start right away or be groomed within a season or two TOPS; or 2.) Find a way through free agency or trade to find your guy on another team’s bench.

The problem with the first is that with the departure of Adam Gase, I fail to see any offensive minded coach that is capable of developing a young QB. My problem with the second is that for all the hullaballoo GM Ryan Pace received (and rightfully so) for winning the offseason last year, it failed to translate to wins. Confidence is at a premium at Halas Hall.

Also looming large¬†is the wanderings of former Patriot backups Matt Cassel and Brian Hoyer- the latter, ironically, could prove to be a ‘bridge QB’ for a possible draftee. Tom Brady is getting older and while he’s still playing at a very high level, we all know that Father Time is undefeated and it only takes a fluke injury to change all that. Cassel lit the world on fire when Brady went down forever ago and earned himself a big, fat payday which he consequently failed to justify. Hoyer has shown flashes but nothing that could made to represent a decent resume. If Bill Belichick is willing to sell, my gut tells me there’s a reason and that reason should scare the shit out of everyone.

The thing that is nagging me in the back of my head is that Pace is over a barrel in year three with absolutely¬†zero net results. He’s hired ‘his’ coach after he jumped through hoops to get John Fox when he surprisingly became available. (Let’s not mention he passed over Gase in the process). And now he’s poised to get ‘his’ QB and GM’s don’t usually get more than one of those. Fox has hardly been successful through two years. Whoever Pace decides is the guy will unequivocally decide his fate in Chicago. If he believes Garoppolo is that guy, the third overall pick may be worth it when you figure it into the big picture.

It is a pretty steep price to pay for a team that has needs on the OL, at CB, TE, and DL- assuming they re-sign WR Alshon Jeffrey. If he leaves, add WR to that list.

Was Jay that bad?

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