The Eagles Wentz To Charlotte And All They’ll Get Is A Loss

Some thoughts about tonight’s Eagles vs Panthers Thursday Night Football game:

The Eagles are banged up in the secondary and we’re already surrendering more damage through the air than the British in the late 30’s.

Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart is battling an injury. Wash. Rinse. Release. Of course, he’s not going to be released but that guy has been hurt so much, the Panthers should rename the injury report the “Jonathan Stewart News and Notes Page”.

If the Eagles win this game, it’s time to seriously address how high the ceiling is for this team.

Same for Carson Wentz.

Panthers TE Ed Dickson was huge last week. It may happen again.

I picked up Eagles WR Nelson Agholor in fantasy, so that means he’s guaranteed to never see the end zone again. Sorry, Eagles fans.

Cam Newton needs to come to the podium with any non-Dannon yogurt from here on out.

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