Three Losers In Giants- Nationals Brawl

An enraged Bryce Harper charged the mound, fired his helmet and traded punches to the head with San Francisco reliever Hunter Strickland after getting hit by a fastball, setting off a wild brawl Monday during the Nationals’ 3-0 win over the Giants.

Source: Harper, Strickland traded punches, Nationals beat Giants 3-0

Real quick, kids: there were three losers in this brawl today.

  1. Hunter Strickland- Bruh, let it go. You’re still pissed about what happened three years ago? Like, that’s almost an entire presidential term. I had to be reminded as to why Bryce Harper would have to be beaned, and I think Harper should be beaned daily just on general principle.
  2. Buster Posey- WTF, man? You’re the catcher, whether you agree with Strickland or not you protect your own. Never take sides against the family, Fredo.
  3. Bryce Harper- You had to throw the helmet, didn’t you? If you’re going to do that, can you at least get within the same zip code? I haven’t seen something thrown that bad since Hunter Strickland was pitching to Bryce….nevermind.

It was definitely a shit show as Bryce Harper continues to try to prove his star status and Hunter Strickland shows he is petty AF. No truth to the rumor that Strickland still stalks Johnny Smith who hit a home run off him in the 6th grade.

What. A. Joke.

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