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Benjamin Watson thinks Roger Goodell’s silence in the wake of “Interference-gate” is a problem. What in the actual hell did you expect? I mean, you had a league official of some capacity telling Sean Payton before the George S. Halas trophy was awarded that they blew the call. That, in and of itself, was more than I expected the league to admit to.

Look, it was an awful job of officiating. You’re not getting the game replayed. You’re not going to win any court judgments for your mental anguish. Move on.

Jamal Adams has hit the Patriots mascot the same number of times as the Chiefs hit Tom Brady.

It was fun while it lasted, eh Grizzlies fans?

So far this week you had Cowboys WR Cole Beasley tweeting that the front office was dictating where the ball went and now ESPN has an article about how Jimmy Haslam’s meddling leadership has kept the Browns in neutral. When will these guys learn?

The absolute worst thing to happen to the Dallas Cowboys was Jimmy Johnson because all along Jerry Jones believed it was he, not Johnson, who was responsible for the Cowboys turnaround.

Crushing news about Pacers G Victor Oladipo being out for the year. The Pacers are currently in the 3 seed in the Eastern Conference. A player like Oladipo obviously makes you better when he’s on the court, but all is not lost for the Pacers.

Their most used lineup (according to Basketball Reference) had a point differential of 4.6. This lineup, of course, had Oladipo in it. The second most used lineup, however, has a point differential of 8.5. Small sample size for sure and it remains to be seen if that is sustainable, but there’s hope.

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