Today’s NFL Rant: Eagles, Patriots, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl! The country’s worst group of sports fans, period, now will take center stage. If you thought #BillsMafia was rough, just wait until you see this shit show, especially if they actually end up winning the thing.

You’ll have the backup QB beating Tom Brady and the Band O’ Cheaters. The amount of debauchery through the streets of Philly in the wake of THAT story will make the tales of Eagles’ fans throwing full beer cans at Vikings fans seem like they halcyon days of yesteryear. The classiest thing to come out of Philly was Rocky Balboa and that asshole isn’t even real.

Bonus points to anyone who actually takes a belligerent Eagles fan and throws them through a folding table.

I really don’t buy into the Patriots-NFL conspiracy theory. It’s a lazy way to go about figuring out why they win so much. But I can’t remember a game where one team only got flagged for one penalty in a hotly contested playoff matchup. I could be wrong, but I just don’t remember that happening.

Refs are human and they miss things in every game but when it happens in a game involving the New England Patriots, the world comes unhinged. The NFL went out of its way to punish the Pats for that ‘Deflategate’ bullshit, and they still ended up winning the goddam Super Bowl.

Pat Shurmur is the new head coach of the New York Giants. Firing Ben MacAdoo was the right thing to do, of course, and Shurmur may have similar success to the quick turnarounds we’ve seen in Jacksonville and Los Angeles this year. Don’t forget the Giants were a playoff team a season ago and while there are issues, they may not be all that far away from returning to the playoffs.

I mean, who the hell saw the Rams coming this time last year?

Steve Wilks heads to Arizona. Christ, talk about a fresh start. He walks into a blank slate at QB, a franchise RB coming off a season ending injury, an O-Line that makes ‘subpar’ seem like a lofty goal, and underachieving WR’s besides that guy Fitzgerald. The defense should still be respectable and the next big development should be who he hires to run the offense. Everyone is saying Philly QB coach John DeFilippo and why not? The guy just may have a hand in making a Super Bowl winner out of Nick Foles.

If only he can avoid one of those flying beer cans.

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