Today’s Rant: Yankees, Cubs, NFL, Browns, Celtics

Yankees fans drive me nuts. Aside from posts about how awesome Aaron Judge is, my social media has been relatively quiet from the multitude of Yankees fans who consider it their God-given right to win the World Series every year. Any thought to the contrary makes you a ‘hater’.

Take the ALDS that just concluded last night. In the scope of 5 games, manager Joe Girardi went from being speculated that he wouldn’t return next year to being the guiding force behind the comeback from a 2-0 deficit. It’s so aggravating.

BTW, how does anyone hit Aroldis Chapman?

Hey Cubs fans who were all over Washington Nationals P Stephen Strausburg for reportedly saying he was too sick to start the rained-out game 4: he just showed you all where you can stick your criticisms.

I know they guy has been absolutely unhittable in stretches this year, but the Cubs choked away the chance for everyone to ask “Is Dusty Baker a championship manager?”

This mess over the NFL players’ anthem statement– not a protest, a statement made during the playing of the National Anthem- is really getting out of hand. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paused the reruns of Matlock long enough to create a crap storm by saying any of his players who knelt or sat during the anthem wouldn’t play. We all knew Jerry wanted to be coach for years, but this takes it to an all new level. And then to compound matters, the commish pens a letter that does nothing but envigorate the Trumpists that are completely missing the point.

But at least apparently the NFLPA is being invited into the owners’ meeting on the subject because why wouldn’t they have been invited in the first place??

The Cleveland Browns are making a QB change. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I know DeShone Kizer hasn’t exactly been lighting up the world, but it was the Browns who put him in that position. I really want head coach Hue Jackson to succeed. I really want the Browns to have some notion of continuity for longer than 42 seconds. But decisions like this are what exposes the differences between a head coach and really good coordinator in the NFL.

If you really felt the best thing for your team was to start a rookie week 1, own it. Because the next time Kizer does get an opportunity to play, he’s going to be afraid to make a mistake. It’s human nature. And you can’t play the position like that.

Right, Jay Cutler?

As we head into NBA season talk, I’m really looking forward to the first time new Cavaliers PG Isaiah Thomas plays in Boston. I know Celtics GM Danny Ainge had his reason for trading the driving force behind his team’s run into the Eastern Conference Finals.

I never liked the trade for the Celtics. I mean, you trade a guy who had been an afterthought until coming to Boston, takes the league by storm, brings your team 3 wins away from a trip to the Finals and then you trade him for a guy who was tired of playing alongside the best player in the game? It just doesn’t ring true with the ‘blue-collar’ Boston reputation, you know? And then when you throw in everything IT went through with his sister passing tragically, it really looks like a bad beat for the Celtics from every angle.

If they don’t win…well, let’s not talk about that just yet.

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