WTF, Browns?!!??

The Cleveland Browns have apparently signed former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt. He is not eligible to play until the NFL completes its investigation into him channeling his inner-Ray-Rice and assaulting a woman.

Really, Cleveland?

I’m all for second chances but this is too soon and also a cold dose of hypocrisy for a league that still views Colin Kaepernick as a distraction for making a statement against police violence.

I hope Hunt seeks whatever help he needs to be that asshole again. I hope he honestly makes a concerted effort to not only be a better man, but help others understand that his behavior is not acceptable by any means.

However, he does deserve some time in purgatory for what he’s on video doing. The speed at which NFL teams will overlook violence by its players is aggravating. Ray Rice is actually the only exception where the league didn’t allow a player to still play while failing to make amends for their actions.

Well, Rice and that Kaepernick guy.

Whether Hunt ever sees any legal repercussions from that incident on video or not, we saw for our own eyes who was the aggressor in that situation, like Rice. In fact, Hunt’s actions are somewhat magnified by the fact that everyone saw that Rice video. That sitch should have sounded the alarms to high profile people everywhere that if you are an asshat you will get caught.

And yet there he was.

Anyone talk to Nick Chubb?

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