WTF: Videographer – AB got OK from Gruden to post call

Source: Videographer – AB got OK from Gruden to post call

In yet another disturbing twist in the Oakland Raiders-Antonio Brown debacle, appa

rently the troubled WR sought and actually received permission from Raiders’ coach Jon Gruden to post the now infamous phone call.


One question: if you’re Mike Mayock, what do you do?

This is a bit of a sticky-wicket, as they say. Gruden was there first. In fact, he’s most likely still got more job security than Mayock ever can hope for thanks to the 10-year, $100 million contract he signed before last season.

But if you’re Ma

yock, the general manager, this a bad beat. Not only did you sacrifice draft capital for a player you never got a single regular season down from, you now have evidence that your head coach- the one guy on the sidelines you should be able to assume will have your back- was a party to the insanity.

Gruden was for sure between a rock and a hard place, perhaps trying to a cajole a happy ending after all the drama that has taken place. But make no mistake: he chose poorly by giving the permission to post it in that manner, in fact contradicting the tone of his message to Bryant in that same phone call. Gruden can

be heard begging Bryant to cut out the antics and “…just play football…” and then in the next breath he gives Bryant the permission to post a video that makes it look like the Raiders are the ones that are making it difficult?

You can’t learn much from the Godfather II, but the one lesson everyone tries to take away from that is to never take sides against the family. Gruden just cut the legs out from under Mayock by permitting Bryant’s antics. And now the message has been sent to the players: Mike Mayock has no real power or authority. Hell, even his own head coach wasn’t taking as hard a stance.

The Raiders have been a circus before this, but this mess has set the franchise back even farther than when it decided Khalil Mack was expendable.

For the record, Mayock had no part in that.

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